Meeting/Event Information

ISDA 2021 Meeting

July 20, 2021
7:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Sands Expo Center

Las Vegas, NV

ISDA's Meeting is now Scheduled for July 20

Still to Come July 20: Cybercrime and How You Can Educate Your Customers

Our annual breakfast meeting will feature the dynamic Brett Johnson, who built the first organized cybercrime community, Shadowcrew. Shadowcrew was a precursor to today's darknet and darknet markets and it laid the foundation for the way modern cybercrime channels still operate today. Johnson went on to be placed on the United States Most Wanted List, captured and convicted of 39 felonies, and escaping from prison. Intrigued? After accepting responsibility and turning his life around, Brett is now considered one of the leading experts in cybersecurity, online crime, and identity theft.

In this very special session, Brett discusses his role in refining modern financial cybercrime, as well as examining why cybercrime is so successful for criminals to commit and so difficult for law enforcement to stop. Brett will also touch upon the nature of identity from the perspective of a cybercriminal and identity thief. Learn how criminals operate, how they target victims and acquire information, how they bypass security, and what you and your organization can do to protect yourself against the type of person Brett Johnson used to be.

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